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At Cavanagh Eggs we offer a wide range of packaged egg products to suit your needs. Our products include Very Large, Large and Medium prepacks that are supplied in boxes of 15 or 30 dozen. Also shelf ready boxes available for retail.

Early in 2016 we worked with Invest NI's Design Development program where the branding agency Paperjam designed our new brand. You can see the design process and results on Paperjam's website here. Following that, we launched our new branding in May 2016 in Asda and Tesco and rolled it out everywhere over the following months.

Very Large Packs 4/6

  • 4VeryLarge
  • 6VeryLarge
  • 6VeryLargeFront
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Large Pack 6

  • 6Large
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Mixed Weight Pack 9

  • 9MixedWeight
  • 9MixedWeightFront
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Egg Trays of 20/30

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  • cavanagh-blue-2
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Medium Pack 12/15

  • 12-pack-medium-top
  • 15-Egg-Pack
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12 Pack Large

  • 12pack-large-walnut
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Available to buy at:

Egg Vending Machine

We have an egg vending machine at McEntee's Off-License (The Noble Grape) just outside of Clones, Co. Monaghan. There are 28 compartments which dispense a 20 egg tray of large eggs. This is temperature controlled to keep the eggs at the correct temperature all year round.

  • cavanagh-vending-1
  • cavanagh-vending-2
  • cavanagh-vending-3
  • cavanagh-vending-4
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