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Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say.


"Hi, I got your eggs at Hillsborough farmers market. Any eggs I have had since are just not the same. Where is the closest stockist to Bangor that I can get some please? Thanks Petra"


"Hello. Lovely to meet you at the Balmoral show. I tried the sample box you gave me and can agree with others testimonials, the eggs have a lovely yellow yoke and there is definitely a difference in taste. Well done on an ethical, quality product. I may need to change my usual choice of supermarket so I can have these delivered in my weekly shop! With thanks. Keava"


"Dear Sir or Madam, This is a short note to compliment you for the superb quality of your free range eggs. I bought a pack of 6 large eggs in Tesco's Bloomfields, Bangor to try them. This was after many years trying other eggs 80% of which had paper-thin shells which cracked open during boiling and which had a poor gelatinous consistency (whites). I was in despair of ever finding good eggs again. Yours are wonderful - very similar to the eggs I remember from my childhood (in the days when many households kept hens in the post-war era). I will be buying your eggs from now on. Kind regards. Robert"


"I am delighted that a local farming family are making such an impact in the very difficult marketing conditions now for farmers. Saw your eggs a few months ago in Tesco, Newtownards, and as they were from only a few miles away, and free-range, I bought them. I can now buy them in Asda, Dundonald, just a mile from where I live. I always try to buy from local producers, and especially organic/free-range products. Your hen's eggs have a lovely orange yolk, not the wishy-washy pale yellow that others have. I hope your two handsome sons will take up farming, as we cannot live without you. P.S. I would gladly pay more for quality foods, if only farmers would be paid what they deserve for such hard work."


"Hi, I saw your eggs in my local Tesco in Newtownbreda a few weeks ago, I purchased them because we boat in Fermanagh every weekend and so I thought I would try Fermanagh eggs!! Well, they are absolutely delicious, we have to have them every weekend now and look forward to our poached eggs for breakfast on the boat every Sunday. I really would turn my nose up at any other eggs. So Thank you to your hens for such lovely eggs!"


"Good morning, I have had your wonderful eggs and would like to buy some. Is there anywhere near to Portstewart that stock them." Many thanks Sheila


"Hello, I enjoyed your free range eggs. They are now on our shopping list. It was nice saying hello in Tesco’s." Regards Sean Hoy


"Dear Sir / Madame, Greetings, I have a newsagent in Liverpool and my customers been requesting your products from me. I am wondering if you can help me to know who is in charge for the distribution in Liverpool." Thank you. Ahmad


"I have been enjoying eating your eggs with my family very fresh since I got them at the Balmoral show and spreading the word about Cavanagh's eggs. Continued success in your business." Trudie


"I love your eggs and use them for baking and boiling etc. A girl told me you have open days and I would love to take a friend to one - would you please let me know when next open day is?" Thank you, Muriel


"Hi Guys, I have a small coffee shop in Glengormley and would like to use your eggs as they are so delicious and fit in with the ethos of what I am doing." Regards, Teresa


"Hello I usually buy your lovely eggs at Comber market very month. I have forgotten where I was told you supply in Belfast. I live in Killyleagh Co Down so would love to get them on a more regular basis." Many thanks, Denise


"Hello John and Eileen, I worked at Balmoral Show on Thursday/Friday with the Food NI team in the Food NI Pavilion. You very kindly gave me a dozen of your Yellow Box Eggs and I took them with me down to Mayo for the weekend. My husband Martin said they were the best eggs he has eaten in yonks - indeed the best in a very long while! We really enjoyed them, thank you. We live in Killinchy Co. Down -can you tell me if your eggs are stocked anywhere local to us? Maeve."

Valerie and Jayne

"Hi Eileen and John, thank you for the free range eggs you gave us at Balmoral Lovely brown eggs with a nourishing yellow yoke. What a lovely taste and flavour. Will look out for them in the shops. Many thanks." Valerie and Jayne Henderson.


"We sometimes have breakfast at Soul Food cafe on the Ormeau Road and my husband on several occasions commented on the eggs being nice.So much so that I felt I had to source a stockist! I'd prefer to see the Cavanagh brand on the packaging when I buy as there are so many different eggs in Tesco."

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